Monday, 23 March 2015

Interaction and Time

Part of my research into Material & Emotional Value.

At the end of my Contextualising Design Practice module, I produced this poster to show the designers I had looked at, the products I had created, and how they fitted in with my design ethos.

At the start of the course, I felt torn between a more flippant, fun design style, and the clinical practicality of modernist designs.  Through the design of The Food Porn Project, I realised that a key part of my design ethos is fun, giving me my key agenda words of simple, passive, utility and fun.

In this module, as I've been researching narrative and material, visceral and emotional values, I've begun to refine my own design agenda further.  I've been fascinated by the humble objects that absorb their surroundings through use.  Like the wooden spoon, I think it's important that our objects be defined by the people that use them; it's through the use of an object that it becomes yours.

In the rest of this module I will be designing an object that fits with this brief.  I don't know what object it will be yet, or how the user will interact with it, but I would like it to show the idea of time passing in physical form through change, whether that be through destruction or adaption.  These are my aims for this design module.